Sticker Studio

Create your own stickers from any image or photo, with a UI that feels right at home in iMessage.

Intuitive Sticker Making Process
Step 1

Choose a photo or take a new one.

Use any image from your photos, or snap a new shot. Sticker Studio also supports transparency.

Step 2

Drag a path.

Use your finger (or Apple Pencil on the iPad!) to draw a rough outline around your target. The path will automatically close when you end the path near where you started.

Step 3

Adjust and save.

Drag the control points to fine-tune the path. You can also add a point by double-tapping on the line, and remove by double-tapping an existing control point. Zoom in for precision editing. When you're done simply hit next and save.

Step 4

Use your stickers!

Stickers can be dragged and dropped onto messages. Stickers can also be reordered, rotated and deleted from the expanded view via the Edit button.

Ready to impress your friends with some custom stickers?